Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Deauville Partnership Investment Forum

(Cairo - Egypt)

About  Deauville Partnership Investment Forum

The IDB Group, in its current capacity as chair of the secretariat for the G8 Deauville Partnership IFI Coordination Platform, and in accordance with the Group’s new strategy to assist the Arab transition countries in building an enabling investment environment that would be conducive toward attracting more FDI inflows, is co-organizing the Deauville Partnership Investment Forum in Cairo on June 25, 2013. 
The objective of the Forum in Cairo is to discuss the current investment climate and review the ongoing work by the government to build an enabling investment environment and any new incentives to foreign investors. The Forum will also engage a group of investors to present and discuss their experience on investing in Egypt so as to identify success stories and any obstacles encountered. The discussion of the investment climate and the related reforms, in addition to the presentation of investors’ perspectives, will positively contribute to the government’s on-going to build an enabling investment environment, which would ultimately generate and open new and promising economic opportunities in the country. 
The other objective of the Forum is to support and prepare for an active participation by the concerned Egyptian officials in the Investment Conference which is being organized by the G8 Deauville Partnership Presidency (UK) in London on September 16, 2013, in cooperation with the IDB Group and EBRD, to promote foreign direct investment into Arab transition countries. 
For further information, you may refer to the forum’s dedicated website:

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Deauville Partnership Regional Investment Forum & Tunisia Investment Forum 2013 in Tunis, Tunisia

Deauville Partnership Regional Investment Forum & Tunisia Investment Forum 2013 in Tunis, Tunisia  (13-14/06/2013)

The objective of the Forum is to connect foreign investors with companies and individual entrepreneurs from Tunisia who have viable business projects which require foreign partners. The Forum aims at reinforcing the position of Tunisia on the world investment map by highlighting profitable business opportunities readily available in the country.

The event is a two days program which will be dedicated to presenting Tunisia’s economic potentials and investment opportunities, and also the facilitation of one-on-one business matchmaking meetings.

Visit he Event website, Please click here